Three installs for three kinds of person.

We recommend downloading the Torrent. If that's not possible, try to use our mirrors to keep this main site snappy!   Standard
Eeebuntu Standard contains everything you need to get working and playing on your EeePC from the beginning. It includes a full suite of internet applications, including Firefox for browsing, Pidgin for IM chat, and Thunderbird for mail. For work, a full suite of OpenOffice applications; Database, Presentation, Spreadsheet and Word - all Microsoft Office compatible; and a selection of multimedia applications: VLC for watching movies and Banshee for listening to music. You even have support for your iPod with gtkpod!
Eeebuntu Standard looks great, too, since it includes Compiz, the next-generation window and theme management system. Configure it for glossy effects and transitions, or a simple, functional GUI experience. It's infinitely customisable.
You can add your own extra applications with the click of a mouse from the Ubuntu applications library and keep everything up to date automatically with the Update Manager.
And thanks to the Array kernel, wifi, networking, function keys and sound work out of the box - no need to compile or configure anything!
If you want a complete desktop in your pocket, Eeebuntu Standard is for you.   NBR
Eeebuntu Netbook Remix is similar to Standard, except it uses the Netbook Launcher, customised for the small screen of the EeePC.
Instead of the usual Eeebuntu desktop, the main launcher provides a tabbed environment with easy to access icons for all the applications and documents you use day to day. It's easy to customise and much quicker to navigate through when you're on the move.
As with Standard, the Netbook Remix comes with a complete set of applications so you can start working and playing on your EeePC straight away.
And thanks to the Array kernel, wifi, networking, function keys and sound work out of the box - no need to compile or configure anything!
If you mainly use your EeePC on the move and want quick access to your applications, try Eeebuntu NBR.   Base
Eeebuntu Base is the smallest, lightest and most stripped down of the three ISO's. Apart from Gnome and its usual configuration applications, Firefox, restricted extras and the Eeeconfigure application, there's little else, which means it's up to you to add as few or as many as you need.
Some of the other things that have been removed to save space are: Compiz, additional language packs (you can install your own later), all office, media and internet applications and their support files (apart from Firefox and Remote Desktop tools), and Java.
Ideal to save space on the SSD and for those who know exactly what they need in their install, Eeebuntu Base gives you just enough without loading you down with unnecessary applications.

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[md5: 58fb3365cf874c65e800d222dd5bda70]

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